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Internet Relay Chat


  • #minetest (Logs): Main channel for general Minetest engine, modding and games discussion or support.
  • #minetest-dev (Logs): Development channel, strictly only for development discussion of the Minetest engine and Minetest Game. Webchat can be used to listen only, not talk, on #minetest-dev
  • #minetest-hub (Logs): A moderated channel for people who regularly improve Minetest by developing, modding, hosting servers and otherwise. You need to ask an operator for voice here, make sure to read the hub website first.
  • Channels about Minetest in other languages (note that most people hang out on #minetest, which is the main channel).


Some people don't know how to behave in IRC, so here are some simple rules:


There are several ways to get into development:

The Process

Upstream repositories and official Windows packages are handled by the core team, consisting of a bunch of people who are much trusted to keep Minetest progressing in good condition. The core team is best contacted on IRC at #minetest-dev @ The core team is formed of people who have made great contributions to Minetest. Contributions are approved if two members of the core team agree on them.

For more information, take a look at all the rules regarding to development.

Project Structure

Minetest is distributed as an engine, combined with a couple of games. Upstream repositories can be found at

For more information see the terminology or engine structure developer wiki pages.

Reporting issues

Different things related to Minetest are maintained by different people, contacted in different ways. Here you can find where to report issues, bugs and any other kinds of problems regarding to each “product”.

People are generally available on freenode IRC, the Minetest Forums, GitHub and/or via email.

Programs and Services

Program People Responsible Source Issue Tracker
Minetest Engine Core devs Source Issues
Minetest Game Core devs Source Issues
Minetest Mapper Core devs Source Issues
Blender B3DExport Core devs Source Issues
Service People Responsible Source Issue Tracker
* DNS celeron55 n/a Contact celeron55. His approval is needed to host under celeron55 Source Issues celeron55 Theme Contact a moderator for concerns about content (Use "report this post" if possible)
wiki/ celeron55 MediaWiki Ask for an account to edit or report issues on the forum sfan5 Source Issues rubenwardy Source Issues sfan5 Source Contact sfan5
Google Play nerzhul aka. nrzkt n/a Contact nerzhul


celeron55 Founder

You can tip money to celeron55, to be mostly used for hosting of websites and overall maintenance effort on the project.

PayPal address: [email protected] (Please note in the message that you're supporting Minetest in particular.)

Tip celeron55's Minetest efforts


Your favourite server or modder might accept tips too; make sure to check those out.